About Us

We are Chase Capital Funding Inc., a commercial loans company that has been around since 1989. As a brief introduction, we provide highly personalized and very effective commercial mortgage loan services to business owners throughout many states and we would like to become be your personal loan broker too!
First, in order for you to select us to become your personal loan broker, you will need to learn more about us and what we have to offer. Perhaps, what is most important, is for you to know exactly what makes Chase Capital Funding so special. As years go by, people begin to realize how important customer service and other factors, such as dedication, attention to detail, experience, and state of the art research methods are. These attributes are what enables me to offer you a superior loan and loan experience.
The primary purpose of this web site is first, to provide all my visitors with plenty of general information about commercial loans and also to give them some insight as to my own professional standards, opinions, and experiences relative to the loan industry.
Regardless, of whomever you finally select to represent you in your next loan, I hope this site was of some assistance to you.


Best regards
– Ralph Hartounian. – CEO of Chase Capital Funding Inc.