Apartment Loans

Getting a commercial loan for an apartment building is considered one of the easier mortgage loans to get with respect to other investment properties. This is due to the fact that commercial lenders focus primarily on the subject property as the repayment source with the borrower being a secondary repayment source. As apartment buildings have historically been a very stable asset class, they typically can get some of the best lending terms.

With CCF, You can get exceptional offers to refinance your apartment building without proof of income or assets;

1)    No Personal Taxes Required

2)    No Entity Or Partnership Taxes Required

3)    No Qualification necessary

4)    No Bank Statements required , No proof  of assets

5)    Rates as Low as 4.125% For loans below $750,000 7 Years Fixed 30 Years Amortized or Spread

6)    25% Equity Required to refinance or purchase

7)    Refinance multiple Properties at the same time

8)    Rates are Lockable and assumable

9)    Reduce the Years, to pay off your property faster

10)  No Income or assets documentation means a faster closing turn around 4 weeks.

11)  Unlimited cash out. For investment on other properties etc.

12)  Option to extend Rates at the end of term available.

13)  15 Years fixed, 15 Years amortized.

14)  10 Years fixed/ 15 or 30 Years Amortized

15)  $2500 Maximum Fees for refinance (Escrow and Title fees combined)

16)  1% of loan amount ( Refinance up to 3 properties with only 1 point)

17)  3 page application to start.

18)  No obligation, No up-front fees, No commitment

The chart below gives you an idea about how much you would be saving compared to the rate of your existing loan:

Loan Amount Interest Rate Monthly Payment
$500,000 4.39 % $2,500.85
$1,000,000 3.95 % $4,716.68
$1,500,000 3.95 % $7,075.02
$2,000,000 3.95 % $9,433.36

Feel free to contact us if you may have any questions. You may also call Ralph Hartounian (CEO/Broker) at (818) 321-4947.
Services are available in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington DC and Portland.

Just Closed

CA Apartment Loans

8 Unit Apartments on Valencia St in Burbank, CA 4.25% 7Yrs Fixed

$850,000 Loan Amount + $215,000 Total Cash Out = $1,065,000

California Apartment Loans

22 Unit Apartment on Moorpark in Valley Village, CA 3.95% 5Yrs fixed

$2,200,000 Loan Amount + $335,000 Total Cash Out = $2,535,000

Apartment Loan Rates CA

16 Unit Apartments on Vanowen St in North Hollywood, CA 4.37% 10 Yrs Fixed

$2,380.676 Loan Amount + $256,000 Total Cash Out = $2,636,676

Apartment Loans CA

18 Units Apartments on Sherman Way in Woodland Hills, CA 3.9% 5Yr Fixed

$2,500,000 Purchase – 25% ($625,000) Down Payment= $1,875,000